I want to choose the Zara Textile Manufacturer and use all of Porter’s (5 forces-SWOT-PESTEL-BCG) 1 answer below »

Contemporary Developments in Business and Management (SIM337)

Assessment weighted at 100% assessing all module learning outcomes.


Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization within themanufacture of textiles, manufacture of wearing apparel or

food and beverage service activities **in a country or countries with which you are familiar.[An organization profile must be included in your submission as “Appendix 1”.]

This report should assess the impact of external business environmental factors on the organization and evaluate the organization’s responses.In the case of a large organization it is permissible to confine your report to part of the organization. An organization’s activities may range beyond the designated industrial sector in which case the focus of your report must be on the organization’s activities within the designated sector.

* This wordlimit does not include the executive summary, organization profile, tables, diagrams, appendices or references.

** SectorsC13, C14 or I56 respectively in the UK standard industrial classification (SIC) system or equivalent. See >. Task 1

Give a brief overview of the primary external influences to which the organization is subject and briefly explain the particular importance of each to the organization. This first task should contribute no more than one third of your overall report. Task 2

Choose one of the following themes:

a) The changing competitive environment (Porter’s Five Forces)

b) Global political institutions

c) Technological change

In relation to your chosen theme

i. analyse its relevance to your chosen organization and how it influences policies and decision-making within your chosen organization or industry-sector.

ii. critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s response.

iii. demonstrate some areas for improvement in the response of the organization.

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