I have attached my homework assignment in a word doc below

I have attached my homework assignment in a word doc below

I have attached my homework assignment in a word doc below
22 Online Macroeconomics Assignment 13 over Chapter 20 on Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply In past semesters this was another double-assignment like the Money and Banking assignment you just completed. However, assignments 13 and 14 are the most sophisticated assignments of the semester, bringing together many of the lessons we have learned earlier about supply and demand, GDP, inflation, unemployment, economics growth, and the Federal Reserve. Most students in the past have told me they liked the double assignment on Money and Banking, but wished this material had been split up so I m doing that this summer. This week you have a normal-length assignment on Chapter 20 – the Aggregate Demand and Supply model – and another assignment on Chapter 21 – Monetary and Fiscal policy. After that, the last assignment of this class Assignment 15 will be a short and easy assignment on Chapter 13 – Savings and Investing, in which you ll learn about investing in stocks and bonds. Please note that last assignment is due early on Thursday, July 28th so you ll need to plan to do it earlier during finals week. I anticipate I ll be getting it out to you early. Another detail to note is that there is no comprehensive final exam for this class. Once you complete assignments 13, 14, and 15 and you will have finished your course in Principles of Macroeconomics

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