This is the link for the case study. You can click on the link and you will get the pdf of case from mediafire. Read the appropriat

This is the link for the case study. You can click on the link and you will get the pdf of case from mediafire.

Read the appropriate materials and prepare a case analysis report, organized as you see appropriate for the topic, in a way that addresses all the questions provided for each part. The report should include an introduction and conclusion. The report  should be 8-10 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and Times New Roman 12 pts size font.


Carefully read the case and consider its context in relation to the usage of data analytics in operations and logistics. Link the case context to the relevant readings and concepts learned in units 4 and 5. The case includes situational information, which should be used to perform the required analysis and make the appropriate recommendations. The report for part two should have its own separate introduction and conclusion geared towards the new perspective on operations and logistics analytics. You are required to address all of the following questions within your case analysis.

Case Questions

The articles assigned provide examples of operations decisions in which analytics can be used. Which of these and in what ways can be adopted by METRO? Explain for each of the decisions in a separate sub-section along with how they would apply to METRO’s industry/context.

What analysis would you go about to reach conclusions about which operational areas to start leveraging analytics applications/technologies? Please indicate what information is needed, how would you go about collecting it, and what other factors would you consider and in what ways.

What category of technologies does the RFID fit in? what other categories/technologies can be beneficial for METRO’s improved operations/logistics?

Is there a particular need for adopting analytics technologies in logistics operations? Justify your answer.

Make recommendations for analytics applications in each of the decision areas you have indicated in point 1. Construct a plan for each of the recommendations to ensure successful implementation.

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