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How to submit your assessment (written assignments) • Your work must be typed and printed using 1.5 line spacing and Arial font size 12 • All footers must contain your student ID number and page numbering • The cover page of the submission must clearly state how many words you have used • Your work must be in the correct page order and contain all the required information • Your work must be submitted ONLY via TurnItIn within the CUOnline Module Page • Submit your assignment on time and save your digital receipt. • Please ensure that you retain a duplicate copy of all work you submit for assessment. You can access the Turnitin link through the module web and further details will be provided in class. Your coursework will be given a zero mark if you do not submit a copy through Turnitin. GUIDELINES AND BACKGROUND TO THIS ASSIGNMENT Development Plan 2,000 word Development Plan detailing how to take the enterprise forward. You are only allowed to go above or below this word count by 10% otherwise marks may be deducted. Marks will be awarded as follows: • INTRODUCTION (5%) • REASONS FOR GROWTH (10%) • GROWTH AND STRATEGY (20%) • DETAILED SWOT (20%) • ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE REQUIRED (10%) • RISKS (10%) • SUMMARY & RECOMMENDATIONS (5%) • RESOURCES & REFERENCES (10%) • STRUCTURE, STYLE, PRESENTATION, LANGUAGE (10%)

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