Individual Assignment
HS2031 Human Computer Interaction
Trimester 2 2017
Date Due: Friday Week 8 by 11.55 PM Marks: Weighting 15%
Individual Assignment Requirements
Assessment Criteria
Suggested word limit: 1000 words (±10%)
Component Weighting: 15%
Due Date: Week 8 Friday 11:55pm
Submission format: Soft copy of a Word.docx to be uploaded on Blackboard through 'Assignments and due dates' menu
Important Please note:
1. Any assignments where plagiarism or collusion is detected will be awarded a mark of zero. You will need to contact your tutor if you wish to discuss this.
2. Failure to upload the correct document to the assessment link will result in late penalties being applied to documents which are later submitted for marking of that assignment.
3. SafeAssign takes at least 24 hours to return a report. If you wish to check your assignment prior to submission, please allow plenty of time to use the self-check before the final submission deadline arrives; SafeAssign not returning a self-check report WILL NOT be considered a valid reason for an extension.
Assessment Overview
Perform an in-depth evaluation of the following websites:
Website 1: http://jbhifi.com.au
Website 2: https://www.amazon.com
Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your critical evaluation of the two websites. The report should draw particular attention to the interactive aspects and user interface design of the website. Support your critique with appropriate HCI design and evaluation principles as described in Chapter 1, 2, and 4 of your textbook (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2010).
Assessment Tasks
The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated websites and to support your observations and recommendation convincingly.
Your report should
1) Provide an overview and description of the nominated websites.
2) Identify and elaborate the main features of the websites, drawing on your first impression of the websites, accessibility, navigation, homepage pretest, etc. (Refer to Powell,T 2002. Web Design: The Complete Reference, 2nd Ed, Chapter 5, http://webdesignref.com/chapters/ch05.htm)
3) Compare and contrast the two websites against the HCI design principles and usability principles.
4) Based on your critique and analysis in items (1) to (3) above, provide a recommendation on how the websites should be improved. Conversely, if further improvement is not required, then provide the reasons why that this is the case.
• Except for item (4) of the above, all assertions relating to user interface design principles (e.g. statements like ‘blue text on red background is a poor colour combination’) must be supported by references or critical observation. You can cite additional scholarly references other than the textbook. (Note: Do not use Wikipedia as a source of reference).
• Figures Tables and or diagrams can be added as needed.
Recommended Structure
As a minimum, the report should contain the following:
1) Introduction – State the purpose and objectives of the report.
2) Discussion – Build your arguments into a cohesive thread, presenting your observations and findings that you have collated from section (1) to (3) from ‘What to Include’ section.
3) Recommendation – This is the section where you present your recommendations —Item (4) from the ‘What to include’ section.
4) Conclusion – Summarise your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the main points of the report.
5) References. (a minimum of 4 references)
Page formatting: A4 size paper, 2.5cm margins on all sides, single-sided page, single line spacing. Time Romans or New Time Romans font, 12pt font, saved as a single DOC or DOCX Microsoft Word document file. Name and submit the document file as YourLastName_YourStudentID.DOCX.
Assessment Guidelines
The following criteria will be used to assess the quality of your report:
• Presentation (10%)
(Report structure, Layout, Grammar and spelling, Written style and expression)
• Referencing: 10%
• Relevance to HCI principles 30%
• Quality of evaluation 30%
• Recommendations and justification: 20%
Total marks for this assignment : 100 (Total of 100 marks to be scaled to 15% of actual marks for this course)
Individual Assignment 1 Fail 50-60 60-70 70-80 80+
Description of appropriate
Inappropriate choice of organisations/ poorly described/no organisations identified Identified and described one suitable organisation with some clarity Identified and described two suitable organisations with some clarity Identified and described two suitable organisations clearly Identified and described two suitable organisation clearly with clear justification for selection
Application of Theory
/8 Understanding and application of theory to organisations is unclear and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the material. Limited attempt at relating
theory to organisations
Shows awareness of theory with reasonable attempt to
apply it to both organisations, though, largely descriptive Good attempt at applying theory to both organisations In-depth, insightful discussion of theory and how it links to the organisations in question.
Presentation, quantity and quality
of References
/3 No relevant references/Few relevant references/ Referencing is unclear or poorly structured and formatted Some relevant references mainly drawn from one type of source. Referencing clear but inconsistent A reasonable set of relevant references, from more than one type of source with clear referencing of all sources A good choice of relevant references from more than one type of source, with at least one journal article. Systematic referencing
method Excellent selection of relevant references from a variety of good sources presented in clear systematic format
Formatting, Structure and approach
/4 Poorly presented, no apparent structure and/or confused writing style Limited attempt at formatting, Well structured, clear writing style Page numbering, front cover, bibliography with some attempt at formatting. Well structured, focus explicit and clear, style appropriate Good attempt at report formatting incorporating all elements at credits level. Clear focus, structure and style used to emphasise discussion Excellent attempt at formatting report. Focus clear and justified, structure and style used to emphasise argument and discussion

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