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Healthcare Policy

One policy area that lends itself well to community practice is that of health care. The Affordable Care Act has made major changes to the availability and provision of healthcare in the United States in recent years. For your discussion:

·         Use the internet and the Kaplan Library to identify articles that discuss the number of individuals in your state who are currently uninsured. Be sure to compare numbers from before and after the most recent health care policy was passed.

·         Then use the internet and The Kaplan Library to identify articles that discuss health care policy. On the internet, the website is a good place to start.

·         How has policy impacted health care? Be sure to reference the information you found and be detailed in your explanation.

·         Identify one issue related to health care that can be addressed at a community or macro level.

·         Identify the various problem solving systems (from your text) that would be important in resolving or improving this issue.

·         Finally, discuss skills and techniques that might be used in community practice and in resolving this issue.


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