HCM 542 Colorado State University Week 7 Pharmacies Healthcare Organizations Paper


Portfolio Project Outline

The final Portfolio Project for this course is a case study that will be due in Module 8. In this milestone, you will develop the outline for your final project, listing all headings that are required. This milestone should be an APA formatted Word document and include the title page, outline of headings, and reference page(s). **Remember to use your references during week 4 that you already submitted**

Module 7: Discussion Forum – 400 to 500 words

Having a solid understanding of healthcare pharmacy operations management is crucial for future healthcare leaders. As your lecture states – The bottom line is that pharmacies are considered revenue generators for healthcare operations and based on statistics, this will only continue.  Review the course learning outcomes for this module below.  Write 2 – 3 pages discussing which outcome you are most concerned about achieving, why, and how this relates to your current or future career as a Nursing Director.

Articulate      the role a pharmacy plays in both clinical and operations management.

Understand      the national drug codes.

Describe      key trends affecting pharmacy administration.

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