HAS 3150 Keiser University Paperwork Reduction Act Discussion


1- Research articles that relate to legislation that has affected current healthcare policies.

Paperwork Reduction Act…..

Develop a PowerPoint Presentation explaining the health policy and the policy-making process. Discuss roles nursing organizations have played in influencing policy as it relates to the health policy/legislation selected. Discuss how this policy has impacted the healthcare system. Include how nurses can become involved in policymaking.

2- Conduct a literature review/research consisting of at least 3 scholarly articles (must be peer reviewed) regarding a recent health care legislation (within the past 5 years).

Describe what search engines you used, search terms employed, how many articles returned based on your search and how and why you chose those specific articles.

Synopsis should be 1 page. APA References on separate page.

3- Consider the difference between advocating for health policy directly affecting patients and communities versus health policy advocating for the profession of nursing. What would be the implications for each?

The discussion must address the topic.

Rationale must be provided

May use examples from your nursing practice

200 words minimum (excluding the reference)

Minimum of two references in APA format published within the last five years.

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