Group discussion of the chapter 19 case entitledAddressing the Squeaky Wheel will take place during.

Group discussion of the chapter 19 case entitledAddressing the Squeaky Wheel will take place during week 9 Each student will write and submit an analysis of the case that is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, April 1st. (Yes, the discussion occurs during week 9 with the follow-up written analysis due in the middle of week 10.) Please open the attached file for further instructions. Written response should be submitted as a .doc or .docx or .rtf file into this assignment.Case Study AssignmentsThe purpose of this assignment is to analyze a simulated case that illustrates the points discussed in the weekly module. Students participate in group discussion of the case during the assigned week. When the week has ended, each student will prepare an individual 1-2 page written summary that addresses the questions that accompany the case. Students are welcome to incorporate the comments from their peers, but students should also add/subtract information as they feel necessary to fully answer the questions. Points from the McConnell text and other sources should be consulted and used when writing the summary. Each assigned case study is worth 10 points based on the following criteria—1. Prompt, engaging, interactive conversation on the Bb discussion board that extends the analysis of the case 4 points2. Thorough analysis of the case with attention to each question. Responses demonstrate identification and understanding of the problem presented in the case. Summary demonstrates incorporation of McConnell textbook and includes personal/professional perspective of the issue. 6 points3. The quality of writing affects the ability to convey thoughts and ideas. Correct spelling and grammar are to be used. Sources are to be acknowledged using APA style and written formatting is to adhere to APA style.

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