GCU Healthcare Budget And Coverage In The USA Peer Discussion


Respond to the following discussion post:

 “I think being in healthcare for several years and learning throughout the master’s program, I have learned a decent amount about what was discussed in chapter 14. Health care in the United States needs improvement. During my Mind Mapping activity, I found one thing in common with almost all my ideas or theories related to healthcare in the United States, and that was money. The US spends more on healthcare than any other developed country. The US also charges a significant amount more for services, compared to other countries. Tipton (2017) gave the example that an angiogram costs $914 in the United States and $35 in Canada. There are many reasons why healthcare in the U.S. is so high, and reading this chapter reinforced what I have learned in previous classes. Research-based care, high pharmaceuticals, research on new drugs, and unnecessary procedures are some of the reasons (Tipton, 2017). What I learned from reading this chapter was how the Affordable Care Act was able to extend coverage to the 32 million Americans by creating comparison shopping for consumers, requiring larger businesses to insure their employees, and focusing on primary and preventative care (Tipton, 2017). I enjoyed reading the Health Care Trends and Issues section. I think those trends can definitely help to decrease healthcare costs, and also improve the health of the U.S. population. The issues identified were also correct, as charging for procedures in significantly more than other countries, and doctors who recommend unnecessary procedures so that they can bill for them are both important issues that need to be addressed (Tipton, 2017).

Tipton, D. J. (2017). Personal and professional growth for health care professionals. Jones and Bartlett Learning.  

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