GCC Effective Approaches To Interviewing Personnel Peer Discussion


Respond to the following discussion post:

 “Three successful interviewing techniques that can be applied in the health care setting are behavioral approach, competency-based approach, and situational approach. The behavioral technique is used to assess how an individual performed in their past experiences, their skills, and their personal traits. The competency-based approach focuses more on if the applicant has the necessary skills to fulfill the position. For both behavioral and competency-based approach the interviewee asks questions regarding how the applicant handled certain situations in the past. The situational approach is when the interviewee gives the applicant a certain situation and asks them to explain what they would do in the situation. The applicant draws on their past experiences and expertise to answer the question, which shows how they think and react in certain situations (SHRM, 2023).

I would be most comfortable using the situational approach because it is the one I am most familiar with. When I have had interviews in the past, this is the type of interview approach that was used. In healthcare it is important to know how someone will react in certain situations. For nurses, certain medical situations require specific steps. Knowing these is crucial to being hired. The interviewee can determine the experience of the nurse by asking these types of scenario questions. For management in a healthcare setting, one may ask the interviewee what they would do in a situation where the staffing was insufficient for the needs of the patients. This is a common occurrence and can affect the flow of the unit and patient safety.”

SHRM (2023). Interviewing candidate for employment. https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/toolkits/pages/interviewingcandidatesforemployment.aspx

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