Formal writing assignment: students must prepare a ten pagepaper on one selected theory using the model of Structure,Motivation, Growth and Developmental process (if applicable),Psychopathology, and t

Formal writing assignment: students must prepare a ten pagepaper on one selected theory using the model of Structure,Motivation, Growth and Developmental process (if applicable),Psychopathology, and treatment to analyze the theory. More specifically, in this course we will make a thorough examination ofthe major theoretical views, both philosophical and empirical,attempting to identify the major patterns of influences that mightshape the development of a person. We will identify and thinkthrough the major conceptual issues of each theorist. With eachmajor theory you should be able to: (I) Discuss the basic structuresof personality; (2) and the major motivational features; (3) Describethe growth and development process proposed by each theory; (4)Describe the major psychopathology that might result frominterruptions in the growth and development process and (5) Discuss any treatment or therapeutic procedure that is recommended by the theoretical approach

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