Explain the purpose of a Performance Work Statement (PWS). Explain why a SGM/CSM… 1 answer below »

1.You will write a no less than 1200 and no more than 1250 (not including the cover and reference pages) paper thoroughly discussing two of the following four focused-areas presented during this series. THERE WILL ALSO NEED TO BE AN INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION for both questions.
A.F-A1: Explain the purpose of a Performance Work Statement (PWS). Explain why a SGM/CSM needs to understand the benefits of a properly written PWS.
B.F-A2: Explain what a contracting officer representative (COR) is, to include duties and responsibilities. What are the ramifications to unit readiness and effectiveness when there are an insufficient number of certified CORs?
2.In academic writing, format is as important as content. The format allows you to organize your findings in a logical sequence while promoting clarity. The required format for your writing assignment is the American Psychological (APA) style. APA citations are expected, an abstract is not. You must use proper citations and references to identify borrowed material and avoid plagiarism.
3.The readings and learning activities in this series will introduce you to the Force Management processes of the Department of Defense and U.S. Army. For this, and all writing assignments, itis crucial to base your content on research. You may use resources from your readings or lesson notes as well as any sources you gather from research to answer the focused-areas.
4.You must complete the paper and upload for originality check (Safe Assign) and grading(Blackboard) by 0900, on 14 November 2018. No exceptions. Computer problems, personal distractions, etc. are not viable excuses for late or missing paper. Non-submissions will result in zero points!
Late submissions will result in 10 points per day. If you have a problem that may prevent you from completing this assignment on tim

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