Explain each of these methods of keeping African-Americans from voting. Method: What it was: Why it worked: Grandfather clause Poll taxes Literacy…

Explain each of these methods of keeping African-Americans from voting.Why it worked:Grandfather clausePoll taxesLiteracy test6. Give a short explanation of each of the business practices listed.Explanation:Laissez-faireMonopolyTrust7. Essay. The big question:what were the social and political consequences of the Civil War? In the section you will share your knowledge of US history from the Civil War to the early 20th century by constructing a three paragraph essay in to answer this question: how did rich and poor Americans contribute to the creation of a new economy at the end of the 19th century? Remember to use examples, be specific in, and use good grammar. To repair for your essay answer these questions: where did African-Americans go after the emancipation, and how did they are in a living? Where did farm, factory, and mining labor come from? How are workers treated? How did big businesses and wealthy owners affect American Economy? Now that you have answered these questions write your essay

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