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As part of this assessment, you need to evaluate the levels of business strategy formulation and analyse the impact on sustainable strategic performance (LO 3) and analyse the essence of strategic implementation in a global business context (Learning Outcome 4). You also need to analyse organisational strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities and synthesise findings into effective business strategies (LO 5). The business case study to be used in this assessment is the Blue Buddies organisation from Assessment 1. Boston Consulting Group Matrix Use the data available in the simulation platform to create a detailed Boston Consulting Group (BCG) product portfolio matrix for the Blue and Red box. Include the data and your calculations and exact details you have used for the different categories (including details of the x and y axis). Use the BCG matrix to critically evaluate the strategic position of red and blue box and to suggest further investment strategies. 2. International & Co-operative strategy Evaluate the factors that influenced Blue Buddies global expansion (or lack thereof) throughout the simulation. In addition, develop and justify a potential future strategic alliance in the global milieu using a real-life organisation as an example. Explain how this strategic alliance will look like and evaluate the anticipated benefits and disadvantages for the Blue Buddies. 3. Corporate level diversification & Acquisition Strategies Develop and justify a related linked corporate-level strategy that Blue Buddies will adopt in the future. Explain how this will be achieved by an acquisition strategy using an existing real-life organisation as an example. Evaluate both the anticipated advantages and disadvantages of the proposed acquisition for Blue Buddies. 4. Corporate governance Develop and justify internal governance mechanisms for Blue Buddies and evaluate the extent to which they will protect the interests of the shareholders and help to attract future foreign investments for Blue Buddies. 5. Code of Conduct Create a 'Code of Conduct' for the Blue Buddies organisation that includes standards for environmental sustainability, labour practices, community involvement and consumer issues. Justify all aspects of your code and evaluate how adhering to this code of conduct will improve Blue Buddies’ strategic competiveness. 6. Strategic Leadership Evaluate the characteristics of the top-level management team in the Blue Buddies organisation at the end of the simulation. Justify a managerial succession plan for the Blue Buddies organisation. 7. Strategic Entrepreneurship Evaluate Blue Buddies’ innovative capabilities throughout the simulation and explain how the Blue Buddies organisation could foster corporate entrepreneurship in the future by using both internal and external innovation strategies. 8. Monitoring Strategic Performance Design a Balanced Scorecard Framework (BSF) to control the performance of Blue Buddies. Justify all aspects of the BSF design and evaluate its effectiveness in achieving sustainable competitive advantage. APA referencing and plagiarism Ideas written by someone else can be used in your assessment, whether you are using it as a direct quote or rewriting the idea in your own words, but you need to acknowledge the source of this material.

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