Drug Use and Its Dangers

Investigating Treatment Options

Jane Smith, a close friend, sends you an email explaining that her 19-year old son admitted to sneaking into her medicine cabinet and taking her Percocet. He also stated that he has been abusing this drug, along with smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol for the past 6 months. Jane does not understand what effect these substances have on her son or what she can do to help him to stop using. She is looking to your for facts, not opinions.

Assignment Criteria:

1. Write a letter (APA format) to Jane addressing the following points:

-Explain the impact Percocet, marijuana, and alcohol have on her son

-Explain which drugs are addictive and what this means for treatment

-Offer her the best treatment option/s for her son

2. You must support your letter with a minimum of THREE credible sources (no wikipedia, dictionary.com, etc.)

3. Note: Include a title page, in-text, and reference citations—the rest of your letter can be in the format of a “letter”

4. All advice must be supported by credible research—you will not receive any points for unsupported opinions

5. Min of 3 pages (please avoid more than 5 pages), double-spaced, 12-point font

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