doctor degree


· Assess the value of your doctoral degree in psychology to others, as well as to yourself.

· Describe specific examples of personal change required to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology.

· Analyze requirements for performing ethically in accordance with professional standards.

· Include your findings from the research you did in the literature review portion of the course project.

· Explain how learning the skills involved in doctoral research will impact your self-image.

· Describe a plan for your career direction in the field of psychology.

o Consider the questions: Why am I in this program? What am I trying to become? How will I achieve my goal?

o Use the insights you gathered from your analysis of changes in your thinking, behavior, relationships, and plans as evidence to support your answer to each question.


Assignment: Reflect on the value of a doctoral degree in psychology for yourself and others, describe what kinds of personal change will be required to pursue that degree, analyze the requirements for performing ethically, and describe a plan for your career direction.

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