Discussion Questions 2

Your responses to each question should be approx. 1 page per question. 
Total assignment should be 8-9 pages plus a title and reference page
Discuss psychological dependence. How does it develop? What are its effects? How does psychological dependence on some substances differ from psychological dependence on other substances? Create an original example to illustrate your understanding of these differences Explain how prolonged consumption of alcohol affects the brain and nervous system, liver, digestive system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, et al. How might prolonged consumption of alcohol lead to mental disorders? How would you utilize this information in your work as an addiction professional? Illustrate your understanding of the difference between physical dependence and addiction in regard to narcotics. Discuss some of the potential treatments for narcotic dependence and the significance of tolerance. Compare and contrast the psychophysiological effects of amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy and why they might be considered dangerous drugs, especially for adolescents?
  Discuss how the physiological response to alcohol differs in both men and women. What does research say about the correlation of alcohol and violence? What physical and psychological factors do you believe are involved?
  In your work as an addiction professional, why is it important to be able to recognize the major side effects of amphetamines on brain and cardiovascular functions?
  In consideration of the pharmacological and disease effects of nicotine, explain the consequences of environmental tobacco smoke on non-smokers. Given this information, what are your thoughts about the right to smoke in public places?
  Explain how hallucinogens differ from other commonly abused drugs in terms of their addicting properties and ability to cause dependence. What effects do the environment and personality have on the individual’s response to hallucinogens?

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