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Discussion posts read the file
Discussion post Question How has the split labor market affected men and women differently? Respond: The split labor market has affected both men and women but it has had a stronger affect on women. While both men and women work the same jobs and work the same amount of hours the pay or the labor might not always be the same. In many cases many of the women get payed less for the same work both have done. Some jobs don’t allow women to work at their location only men but women are just as capable for example “men jobs” would be construction or business jobs while “women jobs” are to be house wife’s or nurses when either gender could work these jobs . Men have it a bit easier because they don’t have to worry about none of the things women have do just to get a job.  Respond: In todays society men and women are not affected by the split labor market as much as they used to be. Men and women tend to receive the same amount of opportunity and pay based on the amount of effort they put forth. Women used to receive less pay and opportunity than men because men held most of the power and were accustomed to hiring other men for the job. Now that women hold more power and men have realized that women are just as capable as men, there is not as much affect from the split labor market. Question: Imagine a bright young girl whom we’ll call Emily, who is the oldest of 5 children, dreams of becoming a pediatrician.  She’s in the 9th grade and makes all mostly A’s in all her classes. Her parents are very smart and loving people but did not have an opportunity to attend college.  They both work low paying jobs trying to make ends meet.  They cannot afford healthcare and her father is becoming increasingly unable to work due to untreated health issues.  Emily is looking for a part time job to work after school to help the family pay bills and provide other necessities for living.  According to a replication of studies that explain and predict life chances, how likely is it that Emily will attend college and then medical school? Respond: Emily has a low chance that she will attend college and an even lower chance to attend medical school. Even though Emily might get a scholarship and get to finish school her chances are still low. Emily from what I have read might get a job to help her parents with the bills which might back her up in school by sleeping late, helping take care of her father or even her studying might not be the same which cause her grades to drop. I think Emily will likely finish high school but not college and med school she will most likely end up getting a job and helping her family and later on finish school and her dream job.  Respond: Being that Emily is in the 9th grade, make mostly all A’s in her classes, dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. Show that Emily has a creator’s mindset to seek ways of helping her family by looking for a part-time job in school to provide for her family. She also decided what she wants to be in her career. Depending on how old Emily is, it could be less or more likely that Emily will find a part-time job at school to help out with her family. Whereas predicting her life chances of attending college and then the medical school is determined to the choices she makes to achieve this goal. Emily is only in the 9th grade and will have to make decisions by choice in what benefits her, her family, and both long and short term goals. Question: Describe how the dehumanization process takes place within an organization with which you are familiar. Consider how statues and roles within the organization contribute to dehumanization. (Please read the example in your book for a clear understanding of this topic.) Respond: Dehumanization is the process of marking an individual or group of people as less than one’s self or other people. The reason people use dehumanization against others is that it is the cheapest form of superiority. If I define you as less than me, then I’m better than you. I didn’t have to do any work to be better than you. I am better than you just because I defined you as less than me. The statues and roles in dehumanization are acts of violence, torture, crimes, and any act towards another person to make them feel as less human than you.  Respond: Dehumanization is a process in which  a person is deprived of positive and good human qualities. This happens within an organization with which I’m familiar is when someone in a higher authority makes a person in a lower position feel less than a human. For example, in a factory, a person who does the cleaning in the area, that person is being mistreated and constantly assaulted by a person considered of a higher level. Dehumanization can result in violence and inhumane treatment. Roles and statues have a great impact in the dehumanization process. Authorities that consider themselves better can dehumanize the ones that they consider below them. Question: In relation to social networks discuss the statement, “Whom you know is as important as what you know.” Respond: Whom you know is as important as what you know because in everyday life there is always someone who has power over others. For example, when you are looking for a job and so is someone else and are both equally capable of being right for the job but one of you are friends with the boss. The one that is friends with the boss is more likely to get the job because of their relation. This has to do with social networks because of their relationship with one another. Respond: The phrase, ” Whom you know is as important as what you know” relates to social networks. It does because when you know certain people and have connections with them you can get to people faster with their help. If you need someone, they might know someone you can get what you need from them.

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