discussion post over healthcare regulation & ethics


 provide a  post.

read the article “Personal Accountability in healthcare: searching for the right balance”.  Familiarize yourself with the story of Scott Torrence and lets talk a bit about accountability. The ER doctor’s intuition was that Scott had more than just vertigo and felt he would need a higher level of treatment urgently, but instead she sided with the Neurologist who refused care and later Scott died.  Let’s talk about accountability: Who’s fault is it Scott died?

Do you think the ER doctor is accountable for Scott’s death?  The rural hospital is not equipped with an MRI or CT scanner, how does that impact patient care?  Is the rural healthcare system responsible for Scott’s death?

If the ER doctor felt strongly something more than vertigo was wrong with the patient, should she have contacted hospital administration to override Dr. Jones?  Can she do that?

Does Scott’s girlfriend have the right to make choices for him?

Do you think Dr. Jones made an honest mistake?  Should he be punished for this incident?

What can both healthcare systems do to prevent an incident like this happening again in the future?

How does the Joint Commission and NCQA aid in patient safety?

One of the sources that may be used is Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers by Eileen
Morrison, 4th Ed. Jones and Bartlett Learning. it can found on library 

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