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Advanced practice nurses in population health can make a lot of progress in their quest to improve health in the general population. They can engage in the area of sensitizing people on the various forms of health hazards due to Big Tobacco and the suitable protective measures that should be taken. Communication strategies can play an integral role in the improvement of health. Once people are informed about their healthcare, they are more likely to take careful steps in an effort to safeguard it. This deals with the challenge of ignorance. The population is generally more educated hence they are more likely to avoid the tobacco smoking. They are also able to identify critical symptoms hence seek medical intervention as early as possible. People are also more likely to take steps to improve their lifestyle such as regular exercise in an effort to combat lifestyle diseases exacerbated by smoking.

            Two possible strategies that nurses can implement are sensitization through media and lobbying politicians. Communication strategies can be used effectively through using public media such as television to broadcast important messages to the public. Another method they can apply is through policy development to allocate specific days whereby walks are organized so that the public can participate in spreading the message about dangers of smoking. However, there are some ways of enhancing the efficacy of these communication methods. One major way is to take advantage of social media. Social media should be used as a tool to educate people on public health measures. This is because most people have smart devices and therefore using technology will make sure that a wider audience is exposed to this important information. This will benefit public health by reducing mortality associated with Big Tobacco.


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