DeVry BIS 245 WEEK 5 QUIZQuestion 1. (TCO 2) A default value is a predefined list of values…

DeVry  BIS 245 WEEK 5 QUIZQuestion 1. (TCO 2) A
default value is

a predefined list of values that
can be selected by the user.

a value that cannot be lower or
higher than the selected limit.

a specific value that
automatically appears in a field and has edit capabilities.
a specific value that
automatically appears in a field that cannot be changed by the user.
Question 2. (TCO 2) An example of a multiple value field
would be

a criteria comparison of values
in two or more fields.

a default value that appears

something that appears in a
predefined dropdown list.

when more than one data item can
be accepted in a single field.

Question 3. (TCO 2) An input mask

allows one record to have more
than two field values.

allows the user to type a social
security number as 111223333 and it would display as 111-22-3333.
confirms that a value greater
than 100 is a valid value.

is a list of values that are
previously defined from which the user can select one item.
Question 4. (TCO 2) An input mask that will only allow for
digits from 0 to 9 and the + or – sign is





Question 5. (TCO 2) An input mask placed on a form will
apply to

all forms based on that table.

all forms in the database.

all forms based on that table and
the table itself.

that specific form only.

Question 6. (TCO 5) All of the following are performed in
the design view of a form EXCEPT

adding pictures, lines,
calculations, and controls.

changing the size of the form

entering a data value.

modifying the properties of a

Question 7. (TCO 5) A calculated control is

a bound box.

a text box containing a

an unbound box that the user will
fill in with a numeric value.

contains a formula that displays
the result.

Question 8. (TCO 5) A datasheet form

is a form that allows the user to
change the appearance of the form.
and a table are the same thing.

entry by a user is always linked
to the content of a table.

provides the user with the same
look as a table.

Question 9. (TCO 5) In the design view of a form, which of
the following would NOT be performed?

Add calculations, controls,
pictures, and lines.

Change the size of a form

Enter a data value.

Modify the properties of the

Question 10. (TCO 5) All of the following are aggregate
functions EXCEPT





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