Critically evaluate a range of literature particularly with regard to its contribution to… 1 answer below »

Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to: ? Identify and articulate a research question. ? Critically evaluate a range of literature particularly with regard to its contribution to research in your chosen topic. ? Appreciate and be able to evaluate the range of research methodologies, tools and techniques that can be applied to a particular area of research. ? Reflect on both the potential outcome of the research and the research process itself. The Assignment The objective of this assignment is to allow you to develop a research proposal which explains: ? What you wish to achieve. You need to formulate the research question using the skills and knowledge that you have gained from this module. First of all you need to establish a focused research question that is of interest to you and some intended audience (that you should identify). The objectives of the research should be stated clearly. ? Why this is important. You will then need to undertake a literature search for your topic and write a critical review that shows how your research question fits with the debate in the current literature. ? How it can be achieved. Identify and evaluate, from the appropriate literature, research methods that may be used to answer the research question and fulfil the objectives. This should also include a brief discussion of the data that you expect to be collected and how it would be analysed to answer the research question. (Data may also come from experiments that may include the development and deployment of a piece of software, the development and evaluation of an algorithm or some other artifact such as a systems design, an investigation through interviews or questionnaires and their subsequent analysis etc.) ? What might be the potential outcomes of the research and who might be interested. You should then explain the ethical issues that might arise from your proposed methods and any anticipated problems of access. Reflect on how the expected results of your proposed 2 research can be used by the community to which it is addressed and the potential outcomes of this use.

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