Case Study 5: Lenovo-IBM: Bridging Cultures, Languages, and Time Zones. Pg 27 to 41 You MUST use a..

Case Study 5: Lenovo-IBM: Bridging Cultures, Languages, and Time Zones. 
Pg 27 to 41
You MUST use a business report style with appropriate headings, analysis and style/language. Typically a business report consists of:
1. An executive summary.
2. A general overview of the major issues for the company.
3. An analysis of the issues using relevant ideas and theories to inform your analysis.
4. An identification of the problems (no more than 5, no less than 3). An identification of solutions to those problems.
5. The solutions and recommendations should be prioritized according to importance. Recommendations should be realistic and take into account the potential cost of implementing solutions. They should also be implementable.
6. A summary of your recommendations.
Even if the case situation is a global human resource issue, the report much always first, consider the business issue. It is important always to note that you are business people first and HR people second.

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