Capstone Essay For your capstone portfolio project, now that you have a scope and have begun outlining your processes, write a 1 to 2 page paper discussing the hardware and software that will be a par

Capstone Essay

For your capstone portfolio project, now that you have a scope and have begun outlining your processes, write a 1 to 2 page paper discussing the hardware and software that will be a part of your project. Include the following in your paper:

  • Include a summary of the types of hardware you will need.
  • Include a summary of the types of software you will need.
  • Discuss potential vulnerabilities and areas that will require additional security and attention.

Be sure to use what you learned this week in conjunction with your previous weeks materials to complete this milestone paper.

Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length

Include at least two scholarly references in addition to the course textbook.

Capstone Essay For your capstone portfolio project, now that you have a scope and have begun outlining your processes, write a 1 to 2 page paper discussing the hardware and software that will be a par
Cybersecurity Awareness Sarah Ray CSU Global Cybersecurity Capstone ITS481 Ofori Boateng 07/31/2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Cybersecurity awareness is defined as the continuous process of educating and training people about the threats that lurk in cyberspace, how to prevent such threats, and what to do if a security incident occurs. Individuals must become aware of the dangers of browsing the web, checking email, and interacting online on websites that are not safe. Also, people should be advised to use strong passwords, use a comprehensive internet security suite, keep their software up to date, control their social media settings, improve their home network and talk to their children about the internet. It is also crucial to ensure that cybersecurity training is mandatory for everyone, implementing it with the same spirit and seriousness as other risks. People should also be educated on phishing and different ways to prevent it; phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails that appear to be from a legitimate source to compel victims to reveal sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers (Schaberreiter et al., 2022). Ensuring that specific rules for browsing, emails, and mobile phone use are also an adequate measure of promoting cybersecurity. Including security posters displayed at different organizations and security awareness content on different websites will help increase awareness. A study found that using the internet to raise awareness is the best strategy out of the different methods. Users must be aware of the organization’s security policy to increase security awareness. Cybercriminals are constantly devising new methods to circumvent the most advanced defensive tools and technologies, compromising the security of confidential information such as emails. In 2021 alone, 85 percent of data breaches were caused by cyber criminals, with 94 percent of malware distributed via email (Moallem, 2019). Cybersecurity awareness is essential for data protection; it helps secure information and protects the system from virus attacks. Week Activities Week 1 Introduction and Literature review Week 2 Methodology and Objectives Week 3 Research scope and Discussion Week 4 Conclusion and Bibliography Projected Timeline References Moallem, A. (2019). How to improve awareness. Cybersecurity Awareness Among Students and Faculty, 59-67. Schaberreiter, T., Quirchmayr, G., & Papanikolaou, A. (2022). A case for cybersecurity awareness systems. Cybersecurity Awareness, 1-19.
Capstone Essay For your capstone portfolio project, now that you have a scope and have begun outlining your processes, write a 1 to 2 page paper discussing the hardware and software that will be a par
7 Strategies, possible Threats, possible Threat Actors, and Infrastructure Name CSU Global Cybersecurity Capstone Ofori Boateng 08/07/2022 Strategies, possible Threats, possible Threat Actors, and Infrastructure Providing a safe and reliable network for a local company will fall under the purview of this project. The network will have a virtual private network, an intrusion detection and prevention system, and a firewall. Only specific kinds of traffic will be permitted via the firewall, while default settings will block all other forms of traffic. The configuration of the intrusion detection and prevention system will make it possible to identify and thwart assaults made against the network. Implementing the virtual private network (VPN) will ensure the network’s connection to the internet is kept secret and secure (Aiello, 2021). The first thing that needs to be done to build a secure network is understanding the dangers it will encounter. An attempt to render a computer or network inaccessible to its regular users is known as a denial of service attack (DoS). A denial of service assault, sometimes known as a DoS attack, is the most typical cyberattack. Injecting malicious code into a network or being infected by a virus or worm can all lead to a denial of service attack (Krzykowska-Piotrowska et al., 2021). A Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack is an additional form of danger. An attempt to intercept or manipulate communications that are taking place between two or more parties is referred to as a MitM attack. Attacks utilizing man-in-the-middle techniques can be brought about by either the installation of malicious software on a computer or by a hostile individual who possesses the ability to intercept communications. The data stored on a network are the most valuable asset there is. Computers, servers, and other types of storage devices are all capable of storing data. Data can also be sent across networks, such as the internet, which connects computers worldwide (Geien -Janulion , 2018). The next thing that needs to be done to build a secure network is to list the assets that require protection. The secrecy of communications, the integrity of communications, and the availability of services are three more assets that must be safeguarded. Locating the weaknesses already present in the network is the third phase in establishing a secure network. The usage of weak passwords, improper configuration of equipment, and software defects are all potential causes of vulnerabilities. After a vulnerability is discovered, it is necessary to patch it or take other preventative measures. Vulnerabilities, threats, and assets can all contribute to the creation of risks. It is necessary to conduct a risk assessment to ascertain the probability of an event and its potential consequences. Identifying the threats currently present in the network is the fourth phase of building a secure network. The implementation of security measures is the fifth phase in the process of establishing a secure network. A network’s hazards can be mitigated by implementing various security mechanisms. A firewall is the most frequent and widespread form of security control. You can use a firewall to prevent all traffic from entering your network or restrict it to only specific categories of data (Maloletko, 2015). Access control lists, virtual private networks, and intrusion detection and prevention systems are some of the other forms of security measures. The monitoring of the network is the sixth phase in the process of building a secure network. Monitoring the network’s performance in addition to the network itself can be done with network monitoring software. Network monitoring can either be done manually or automatically through the software. Responding to events constitutes the seventh and last step in developing a secure network. Incidents can be brought on by either malicious attacks or technical difficulties with the network. When something terrible happens, it is critical to act quickly and take the necessary precautions to limit the harm. Recovering from an incident constitutes the eighth step in developing a secure network. Rebuilding the network or retrieving data from backups are two options for performing a recovery after an incident. Preventing future events is the ninth phase of establishing a secure network. Patching vulnerabilities, putting security rules in place, and keeping an eye on the web are all effective ways to forestall the occurrence of future events. Establishing a secure network reaches its tenth and last stage when the network itself is documented. The network documentation can be utilized to assist in problem-solving and can also be used when making plans for the network’s future growth. Conclusion Every company needs to prioritize maintaining a safe and secure network. Understanding the threats, determining the assets, resolving the vulnerabilities, evaluating the risks, putting in place security controls, monitoring the network, responding to incidents, recovering from incidents, preventing future incidents, and documenting the network are the steps involved in developing a secure network. Building a secure network Storage of valuable assets Weakness identification Threats identification Implementation of security measures Network monitoring Responding to the events Recovering process References Aiello, S. (2021). Human/Personnel Security Threats: When Employees Turn Insider Threat Actors. SSRN Electronic Journal. Geien -Janulion , I. (2018). The Consequences of Perceived (In)security and Possible Coping Strategies of Lithuanian People in the Context of External Military Threats. Journal On Baltic Security, 4(1), 5-14. Krzykowska-Piotrowska, K., Dudek, E., Siergiejczyk, M., RosiDski, A., & WawrzyDski, W. (2021). Is Secure Communication in the R2I (Robot-to-Infrastructure) Model Possible? Identification of Threats. Energies, 14(15), 4702. Maloletko, A. (2015). New Possible Threat of Economic Safety of the Hospitality Industry of the Crimea. Contemporary Problems Of Social Work, 1(3), 98-101.

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