Bullet Style Case Review


Read the brief summary of the  EEOC Case Link below and select one … write a one to two pages Bullet Style Review of what would you think as an Administrator/Employer of a case like these including 3 or 4 of the following Key HR issues:

  1. Legal issue(s)
  2. Ethical concerns
  3. Financial Issues raised
  4. Safety concerns 
  5. Precedence setting issues. 
  6. Any other employee issues that may arise (e.g. morale).

Some of the articles do not provide detailed information to make clear decisions (e.g. what was the psychiatric disability?) so you may have to make some assumptions that make sense in your response.  Just read these and think through them…no further research is required…but if used supply the link(s). Remember single space, no more than 11 font … “Sometimes Less is More!”

(Health care system paid female developer less than two male co-workers). The EEOC sued Covenant Medical Center alleging that it paid a female employee less than two male employees who performed substantially the same work as she did. Following a reorganization, the company placed a female employee and a male coworker into business intelligence developer positions, and less than a year later hired a man into the same position, both males at higher rates. However, the female employee’s extensive experience and the mathematical formula the company relied on should have resulted in a higher hourly rate than she received, and the company had refused to negotiate her pay rate. The case was resolved through a two-year consent decree providing the female employee $104,707 in monetary relief and raising her pay to $40.54 an hour.

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