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Dear T websit

We have a meeting with the Director General of the Black and Veatch company in GCC countries .The required from me prepare smart questions to the director this company .kindly prepare 10 smart question from website the company and the attached file. I want prepare the questions from branches of company in
•Energy (focus in this filed)
•Management Consulting
Note: I want focus on strategic management for director this company in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries), strategic management to this company in GCC, Vision, Mission, energy (power Generation, Power delivery and oil & gas) filed ,project in Saudi Arabia and further of renewable energy with this company in Saudi Arabia .
Important Note: I don’t want similar and like this question .because this question prepared by other people. my friends question as following:
1-why the firms vision & mission is not populated on the company web-site?
2-what is your personal vision as a leader and key success of being leader ?
3-what is the growth rate for your firms?
4-How you descries the success?
5-what occasion basically that happened during you career life that you will never forget?
1) In such a competitive industry of designing and heavy construction with giant firms such as AECOM, Fluor, and Bechtel involved, what grants Black and Veatch a competitive edge over its competitors?
2) Financially, looking into the total revenue of 2.6 B and only 104 m in 2012 leads us to the question “is that the nature of the whole industry of designing to have low profit margin?” Please address that. (Black and Veatch’s profit margin= 4%)
3) Is Black and Veatch current organizational structure of Black and Veatch considered centralized or decentralized? What are the advantages and drawbacks of the current structure?
4) What are the vision and objectives of the GCC affiliate of Black and Veatch?
5) As the CEO of Black and Veatch in GCC, Can you tell us how B&V entered the lucrative market of GCC and how it overcame the challenging barriers of different environment, policies, legislations, and cultures?

Regards ,
Saudi Arabia

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