Below are some of the concepts you will address in your portfolio presentation. Choose one concept from the bulleted list and explain how you will address it in your presentation. An explanation of ho

Below are some of the concepts you will address in your portfolio presentation. Choose one concept from the bulleted list and explain how you will address it in your presentation.

An explanation of how the portfolio reflects your teaching philosophy

An analysis of the ways in which the artifacts capture a sense of you as a teacher, and your understanding of teaching and the instructional process

A discussion of the challenges you experienced while creating the portfolio and how you overcame them

A description of how you imagine using the portfolio in your work as a teacher

Respond to three of your peers’ posts and offer suggestions, insight, and creative ideas to expand upon their posts.

116 words

In addition to submitting your signed consent forms, you will submit a letter to the parents of the students who will participate in your study. The letter to the parents is to inform them of your applied research project and receive their approval. All parent letters must be signed and returned for their child to participate in the study. For this activity, you will submit a copy of your Parent Permission Letter.

please find the consent form in the attachment.

Below are some of the concepts you will address in your portfolio presentation. Choose one concept from the bulleted list and explain how you will address it in your presentation. An explanation of ho
Form:  Principal s Consent for Course-based Applied Research Project EDUC 5470 Research in Education; EDUC 5910 Applied Professional Practice University of the People This form serves as a record that the principal/building supervisor where you plan to do your applied research project has been informed of the proposed activity and has given permission for it to happen in her/his school.  Contact Information Master s Student Info:  Name:    Student ID #:  Preferred Phone #:  Country Code:    Number:  Email:  Applied Classroom Research Site Info: School Name:  Site Address (including country and zip codes):  Description of Proposed Applied Classroom Research (see below for guidance) The Master s student should provide the Principal with a copy of the Executive Summary of the proposed project. Agreement (to be completed by the building supervisor/principal) I, , principal/building supervisor of the School(s) understand: the nature of the planned applied classroom research project; that this is a course requirement for the above-named Master s student; that the privacy and confidentiality of every staff member and student in the building will be protected; that there will be no requests for data, access to records, or other demands on personnel time other than what has been described in the Executive Summary that was provided to me; that I have the right to stop the project if it goes in a direction to which I have not agreed; that no identifiable student data will be included in the final written report that is submitted to the Master s student s UoPeople Course Instructor; that the final written report will be the only formal written document prepared about the project and that it is not part of a dissertation requirement, will not be presented at a conference, and will not be published; and that I will be given a copy of the final written report. I hereby give my permission to the above-named Master s student to conduct the proposed applied classroom research project in my school(s).   Signature of Principal/Building Supervisor Date Information to Be Provided to the Principal/Building Supervisor as Part of Securing His/Her Consent to Conduct the Proposed Course-based Applied Research Project  Note:  All Master s students must obtain the principal/building supervisor s consent for the proposed course-based applied research project, even if one is employed as a teacher in the building and the project is to be done in one s own classroom. 1.  Executive Summary of the Proposed Applied Classroom Research Project Prepare a 1-2 page document that contains the following information: the question, issue, problem, etc., your project will address why it is important to you who will be the subject population the nature of  your planned intervention/instructional activity the data you plan to collect whether there are others in the school who will need to involved and, if so, in what way during what timeframe you plan to conduct your project 2.  Sample Letter for Parents Provide the principal/building supervisor with a copy of the parent letter you would like to have distributed to the parents of your subject population.  It does not need to be sent to parents of students who will not be a part of your project. Below is a sample letter that you can complete and use. [date] Dear Parents: In conjunction with studies for my Master s in Education, I am doing an applied classroom research project on [state what your study is about].  I am doing this to enhance my teaching practices and to explore ways to provide students with more-effective learning experiences. I will be focusing my project on [describe target group of students].  We will be [describe what the students will do and how it might benefit them]. I will be gathering [describe data plan to collect].  I want to assure you that no identifiable student information will be reported.  All student information will be treated as anonymous. A report on the results of my applied classroom research project will be submitted only to my Course Instructor.  The results will not be published in any other manner. If you have questions regarding this project, please feel free to contact me at [contact information]. Sincerely, [your name]

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