Based on the definitions given above and the materials you have collected for your Stakeholder Analysis, complete the following:1. Compile as much information as you believe necessary about the existi

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Based on the definitions given above and the materials you have collected for your Stakeholder Analysis, complete the following:1. Compile as much information as you believe necessary about the existi
For assignment length, estimate between 2000-2500 words (about 4-5 pages, double spaced). Objective: Building from the Stakeholder Analysis, this assignment is intended to establish the relationship, or gap, existing between the current conditions of support/service available for the CHI students have identified and the next steps necessary to move the CHI more fully into being achieved. Description and Definitions: Gap Analysis: The method of identifying the difference between current knowledge, skills, and/or practices and the desired best practice (or the Desired State). Performance Elements: These include the knowledge, capacity and practices necessary to fulfill performance expectations. Each performance element has the two dimensions depicted in table below. Performance Elements Existing (baseline) levels Needed commitments Gap Analysis   Knowledge: Current awareness about and documentation of prevailing health needs.         Capacity: Professional and related resources necessary and available to be deployed for effective action.          Practices: Effective transmission of capacity into action.           Instructions: Based on the definitions given above and the materials you have collected for your Stakeholder Analysis, complete the following: 1. Compile as much information as you believe necessary about the existing, baseline levels of each of the performance elements indicated above for the CHI you have adopted for your project. Write out in narrative format under the heading Existing Levels and use the table format above to highlight key elements. 2. Once you feel like you ve pulled together relevant information to establish the baseline levels on each of the elements above, identify what is the extra that is necessary, on each element, in order to fulfill goal ambitions stakeholders have for the CHI. Write out in narrative format under the heading Needed Commitments and use the table format above to highlight key elements. 3. Examine the gap between existing and necessary commitment levels and identify what each stakeholder you have identified in your Stakeholder Analysis can contribute to closing the gap .  Write out in narrative format under the heading Gap Analysis and use the table format above to highlight key elements.
Based on the definitions given above and the materials you have collected for your Stakeholder Analysis, complete the following:1. Compile as much information as you believe necessary about the existi
Agencies, Organizations, and Groups Addressing the Public Health Concerns of Ventura County Rodney Chew HSM 549 Agencies, Organizations, and Groups Addressing the Public Health Concerns of Ventura County Ventura County’s health profile depicts that several disparities in the health sector need to be addressed effectively for assured health for the vast population. These disparities include limited access to quality health and health education and the lack of an established trusted relationship between the public and the clinicians. The behavioral trends of the population are also inconsistent with good health practices, with issues such as alcohol and drug substance being a significant issue, leading to medical conditions such as depression. It has also been established that older adults have a serious issue dealing with chronic illnesses that need to be addressed to improve the health situation of the county (VCCHNAC, 2019). The population’s social needs, with factors such as adequate housing and food security, are also a significant concern in the population’s public health. With these observations and the various health indicators that show the depth of the problems, several community-based organizations, general government organizations, non-governmental organizations, and advocacy groups have been formed to mitigate the issues. This paper will explore some of these groups, assessing the stakeholders involved, the party being targeted, the issue they seek to address, and the policies they have established or are pushing to establish. Agencies and Organizations on Behavioral Health The health indicators of drug abuse in Ventura are shown by the county’s high density of liquor stores. The population of Ventura, especially teenagers and adults, is exposed to alcohol abuse (Ventura County Public Health, 2019). Hospitalization due to alcohol abuse and motor vehicle road accidents are significant repercussions of the abuse. Abuse of opioids through prescribed medications and synthetic forms of the drug and heroin abuse have contributed to drug-induced deaths (Ventura County Public Health, 2019). The mental and emotional well-being of the population is also a significant issue, with most people reporting conditions such as depression. With these statistics, several organizations have been formed to mitigate the problem. These include the Ventura County Behavioral Health, which also has a task force dealing with opioid abuse called the Ventura County Opioid Abuse Suppression Taskforce (COAST, 2022). Ventura County Behavioral Health The Ventura County Behavioral Health (VCBH) is a wing in the county’s department of health that provides the population with services related to dealing with drug and substance abuse and mental illnesses (VCBH, 2022). It has been serving in the county for decades, providing its services 24 hours throughout the seven days of the week through Crisis and Referral Line access points. The VCBH is currently working on the 2021 – 2026 strategic plan with the vision of achieving an environment where everyone is regarded and empowered so that those will mental illnesses and problems with drug abuse and addiction heal accordingly (VCBH, 2022). The organization is on a mission to reduce the social stigma and discrimination usually associated with drug abuse and addiction and those with mental illnesses to promoting a community that supports the development of healthy behaviors.             The department seeks to create awareness of drug addiction in public, stressing its repercussions on the health of the individual and its effect on daily activities. It also reaches out to the community to assist such people by observing behavior such as car crashes, people that try to cope with mental illnesses through self-medication, students doing poorly in school as a result of drug abuse, individuals missing out on work, and those risking losing custody over their children due to drug and substance abuse. To such individuals, the department offers a continuum of care available in six locations and a wide range of treatment options, ensuring they move towards recovery. This is done at low or no costs at all, depending on the option applicable in treating the condition. For individuals that are below 18 years, the treatment is provided free of charge (VCBH, 2022). The treatment options offered include aftercare support recovery services, outpatient services in the form of therapy and counseling, withdrawal management, isolated case management, rehabilitation, and medication-assisted treatment.            The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department (VCBH) also provides a diverse range of mental health resources. These include. Wellness Everyday This is a dedicated mental health website that offers resources and counseling through the platform (VCBH, 2022). It addresses the diverse form of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, teen and child mental health, myths and facts on mental illnesses, how to live healthy with mental illnesses, and holding talks regarding the subject. The website also refers the users to physical counseling offered by various groups, such as support groups from different churches. Know the Signs This is a statewide organization that pushes against suicide. It uses a social marketing strategy that makes use of three resources ‘knowing the signs,’ which refers to the ways of knowing prevailing signs of adverse emotional and mental health, and ‘finding the words,’ which relates to self-assessment on how to express the emotions and ‘reaching out’ which encourages the individual to seek help (VCBH, 2022). The Ventura County Opioid Abuse Suppression Taskforce (COAST) This task force was established in October 2018 by VCBH as a measure of dealing with the crisis of opioid abuse (COAST, 2022). Its main aim is to increase the access to care for individuals seeking to recover from the addiction. It has collaborated with other agencies such as the Sheriff’s Office, Ambulatory Care, Public Health, the Medical Examiner’s Office and Emergency Medical Service, increasing innovative ways of dealing with the crisis (COAST, 2022). It also makes use of federal grants in conducting research assessing the situation by collecting data on the number of people affected and the reasons that lead to abuse of these drugs and providing care for individuals. The task force uses the local trends and resources to provide treatment to addicted individuals, correct the prescription of medications, and create awareness on how to respond to opioid overdose. Ventura County Rx Abuse & Heroin Workgroup The workgroup was established in 2012 to save and improve the lives and health of Ventura County by stopping the abuse of prescription drugs and heroin abuse (COAST, 2022). It has partnered with several state agencies to ensure that it is an effective tool in controlling the behavioral health of the people. In this context, Rx drug abuse refers to the abuse of prescribed drugs. The primary goal of the workgroup is to reduce the cases of death occurring from the overdose of opioids by 50% (COAST, 2022). Opioid medications are the most prescribed painkillers in the region that end up being abused, while heroin is sold as an illegal street drug. As both drugs are readily available, opioid users become addicted to the substance, with most opting for the cheaper heroin. This brought about the need to form a workgroup that would target ending the abuse of heroin in Ventura County. Agencies and Organizations Addressing Health Access and Aging Person s Illnesses Aging people face chronic illnesses that put them in need of frequent healthcare access. The population of Ventura is limited in the type and quality of care they can access due to high costs, discrimination, and lack of enough personnel. To address these issues, several agencies and organizations have been established a top deal with the problems in the different ways that they manifest Medicare and Medi-Cal The cost of accessing medical care is a leading problem in Ventura County, affecting the older adults who seek frequent medical attention and the rest of the population. Health insurances such as Medical and Medicare have been very influential in mitigating this issue. Medi-Cal is a low-cost or free health coverage insurance that covers individuals who meet the income requirements of the plan (Lee, 2018). It covers adults, children, older adults, children in foster care, pregnant women, and people living with disabilities. On the other hand, Medicare is a federal program started in 1965, aimed at providing healthcare insurance to the older adults who are 65 years and above, especially those with certain illnesses such as end-stage renal failure (Lefkowitz, 2022). It also applies to the other ages of people in a situation where they have disabilities. Medicare plays a crucial role in managing chronic illnesses that have been identified in Ventura County as the leading causes of ill health in older adults by reducing the costs needed to access healthcare. Organizations and Agencies Dealing with the Social Needs of Ventura County Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that particular social conditions have to come first for healthy mental and physical wellness. In Ventura, the issue of food insecurity and poor or costly housing is the leading social needs issue that has led to health deterioration. These conditions expose the population to environmental conditions that may cause diseases and a poor diet that weakens one’s immune system, especially among children. To address these issues, several agencies and organizations have been formed. Ventura Continuum of Care Alliance The Ventura Continuum of Care is a collaborative organization that is determined to reduce and eventually eradicate the causes of homelessness and street families. The organization was established in the 1990s and is working towards the vision of ensuring that homelessness in the county becomes rare, nonrecurring, and brief (COC, 2019). To address this, the organization upholds the dignity of all human life, is concerned with the well-being of the whole community, and recognizes the potential of a community working together to solve societal issues. The organization collaborates with well-wishers such as landlords and other organizations in providing homes for the homeless to reduce the risks they face living on the streets that may affect their well-being. The organization recognizes that such individuals have faced trauma and seek to help them by providing counseling services to overcome the mental burden on the subjects (COC, 2019). They also ensure that the situation does not recur by empowering the people according to their strengths and skills. 2-1-1 Ventura County This is a toll-free line that can be used by homeless individuals looking for help in Ventura County. It is a program related to Interface Children and Family Services and is available 24 hours a day throughout the week. The service helps to connect the people texting and calling to the county’s various health and human services, accounting for over 30,000 successful referrals every year (Interface Children & Family Services, 2022). The success of this service is attributed to the flexibility in language interpretations as t is available in 150 languages, enabling it to serve a great deal of people. The service was established on February 11th, 2005, and offers referral services on housing matters such as emergency housing for families and individuals, affordable housing, healthcare access, and disaster resources such as in case of earthquakes, fire, and violence (Interface Children & Family Services, 2022). Food Forward A healthy population needs to feed on a balanced diet in healthy proportions, which is a significant challenge in Ventura county. Food Forward is an organization operating in Ventura and the rest of California that fights hunger and prevents wastage of food by rescuing surplus food and connecting it to people experiencing food insecurity. This is done by collecting fresh fruits and vegetables from orchards, farmers’ markets, backyard trees, and extensive wholesale markets that are in surplus and then redistributing them to the needy. In the last 11 years, the organization has had more than 100 million pounds of fresh food, which translates to over 400 million servings to the population of the county and other places (Food Forward, 2022). In addition to contributing to food security, the organization has also played a significant role in reducing pollution that would be as a result of the food going bad; it has saved the environment from pollution by preventing the release of over 2800 metric tons of carbon. Together with over 10000 partners, the organization is determined to help more people in the county and beyond to overcome the issue of food insecurity. Food Share Food Share is a non-profit organization established in the year 1978 and has been feeding the hungry population of Ventura County (Food Share of Ventura County, 2022). The organization has demonstrated that one out of every six people in Ventura County struggles with food security. It has since partnered with various agencies, volunteers, and pantries, serving over 190,000 families with meals annually (Food Share of Ventura County, 2022). This has dramatically improved the health situation of the population as they are able to access food that is rich in vital nutrients, boosting their immunity. Conclusion In terms of the health situation of Ventura County, many issues need to be addressed. The problems identified that contribute to worse health issues in the county are the behavioral health trends, insufficient access to healthcare and chronic illnesses, and the issue of social needs. Several organizations, agencies, and workgroups have been formulated to address the problems, with some being government-funded while others are entirely private, depending on well-wisher funds. In behavioral health, there are established organizations addressing the abuse of opioid prescribed medications, alcohol, and heroin, as well as services to handle individuals with mental illnesses and reduce related issues such as depression. On the problems of access to health and chronic diseases, health coverage insurances such as Medi-Cal and Medicare have come in handy. Several services provide healthcare to people in need of social needs, such as homes and food through food sharing programs. Notably, these programs and organizations require the support of well-wishers to succeed. With their continued efforts, the health situation of Ventura County is likely to improve in the coming years, resulting in a self-sufficient and healthy population. References COAST. (2022, March 31). County Opioid Taskforce Ventura County responds. Ventura County Responds Addressing the Opioid Crisis. Retrieved May 7, 2022, from COC. (2019). Continuum of Care Ventura County. Home. Retrieved May 7, 2022, from Food Forward. (2022). Food forward: Ventura County. United Way of Ventura County. (2022, May 2). Food Share of Ventura County. Interface Children & Family Services. (2022, January 28). 211 Ventura County. Lee, B. (2018). Northern California Medi-Cal Onboarding: Upstream engagement. The Permanente Journal. Lefkowitz, K. (2022). Savings under Medicare for all. Medicare For All, 42-52. VCBH. (2022). About VCBH. Ventura County Behavioral Health. Retrieved May 7, 2022, from VCCHNAC. (2019). Health Matters in Ventura County. Ventura County Community Health Needs Assessment. A Report by The Ventura County Community Health Needs Assessment Collaborative (VCCHNAC). Ventura County Public Health. (2019). Community Health Priority Areas. Retrieved May 7, 2022, from

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