B.B. Mangler is a top U.S. business-to-business distributor of maintenance… 1 answer below »

Case Scenario 1: B.B. Mangler
B.B. Mangler is a top U.S.business-to-business distributor of maintenance, repair, and service equipment, components, and supplies such as compressors, motors, signs, lighting and welding equipment, and hand and power tools. Customers include contractors, service and maintenance shops, manufacturers, hotels, government, and health care and educational facilities. Mangler's industry is typically referred to as MRO, which is an acronym for maintenance, repair, and supplies. Mangler states its strategy as having the "capacity to quickly offer an unmatched breadth of lowest total cost MRO solutions to business." Mangler'sGoMROsourcing center for indirect spot buys locates products through its unique database of 8,000 suppliers and 5 million products. Mangler also dominates the North American market in terms of its sheer local physical presence. It has 388 physical branches in theU.S. largest cities, including Puerto Rico (90% of sales), 184 in Canada, and five in Mexico. This physical presence also has garnered them a reputation for excellent, dependable service in their target markets, which in turn translates into a vast and loyalclientele.
1.Question:Mangler's physical locations are best an example of:
a corecompetency acapability an intangibleresource atangibleresource 5 points
QUESTION 2 Mangler's reputation among its customers is an example of: acore competency a capability anintangibleresource atangibleresource 5 points
QUESTION 3 The Internet threatens to displace physical locations as a basis for competitive advantage.If Mangler's vast network of branch offices were an integral part of its core competencies,what might the branches become if the basis for competitive advantage in the MRO industry moves to the Internet? a corerigidity a capability avaluable capability an internalstrength

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