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Hi, I want you to answer these 6 questions from the articles attached with this document. You just need to answers them separately but the should be at least more than 250. You also have provide some other articles or research paper data to support your answer but with reference Note: I just want the answers separately. Q4 – Transferability of strengths: Which competitive advantages (strengths in resources and capabilities) that Tim Hortons has in Canada can, or cannot, be transferred to an international market? Why?  Q5 – Customer target: What kind of customers should Tim Horton target in a foreign market? How do the differences in customer groups, if any, influence product offering and store operations? Please be as specific as possible.  Q6 – Recommendations for international expansion: What do you think of Tim Horton s international strategy? Do you think the company has been successful in internationalization so far? What specific recommendations do you have for Tim Hortons in terms of international explanation and management in the next five years?  Q3 – Key success factors: What are key success factors for a quick service restaurant to be competitive in a global market? Among those factors, which ones you think Tim Hortons already has and which ones it does not have yet?  Q1 -Key issues facing Tims: What are the key issues facing Tim Hortons at the time of the case? Note: Key issues are issues that CEO and his/her team need to be mindful of and actively seek solutions for.  Q2 – Industry attractiveness analysis: Scanning the external environment of the industry of quick service restaurants such as Tim Hortons, do you think this industry is attractive from an investment perspective? Why? It would help you answer these questions if you draw on your learning about the PEST (political/economic/social &demographical/technological) environments of the industry, and the power of five forces (existing competitors, new entry competition, customers, suppliers, and product substitutes). Please do not go through all PEST and Five forces here though as it is not the focus and it will take a lot of space.

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