aspects of social change

Review Chapter 1 of the text. Pay particular attention to the meaning and differences between persuasion and coercion, propaganda, and manipulation. Recall a situation when you influenced another person in a positive way (e.g., addressed negative or harmful thinking or behavior). Reflect on the language and/or actions you used to influence the other person and which aspect of social influence (i.e., persuasion, coercion, propaganda, or manipulation), or a combination, most accurately characterizes your approach to the person. Consider to what degree you were aware of the type(s) of influence you were using and whether you would employ the same or different aspect(s) of social influence today.  By Day 3

Of Week 1 post responses to the following: Describe the situation and the language and/or actions you used to influence the person. Explain the aspect(s) of social influence most evident in your language/actions, and to what degree you were aware of using persuasion, coercion, propaganda, and/or manipulation at the time. Explain the outcome and your degree of success in influencing the person. Based on what you know now, explain whether you would use the same aspect(s) of social influence with this person today, or what type of influence you would employ instead, and give your reasoning. Note: Be sure to support the responses within your initial Discussion post (and in your colleague reply) with information obtained from the assigned Learning Resources, including in-text citations and a reference list for sources used. For information regarding how your Discussion will be evaluated, please review the Rubric, located in the Course Information area of the course. By Day 5

Of Week 1 respond to one of your colleagues in one of the following ways: Ask a probing question, and provide insight into how you would answer your question and why.  Ask a probing question, and provide the foundation (or rationale) for the question.  Expand on your colleague’s posting by offering a new perspective or insight. Agree with a colleague, and offer additional (new) supporting information for consideration.  Disagree with a colleague by respectfully discussing and supporting a different perspective.

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