As a strategy consultant, you are required to conduct research on a company of your choice that… 1 answer below »

As a strategy consultant, you are required to conduct research on a company of your choice that may benefit from a more active participation in the global market. Drawing on relevant models, concepts and theories covered in this module and those gathered from your extensive individual research attempt the tasks below: Task 1 In relation to relevant models and strategy concepts, critically evaluate the firm's competitive environment. (20 marks) Task 2 Identify and critically evaluate the strategic capabilities of the company. (20 marks) Task 3 Critically discuss how the organisational structure, processes and relationships within the entire corporation should mesh together and interact to ensure strategic success. (30 marks) Task 4 Critically discuss the ways in which the process of change could be managed to ensure a smooth transition from its current strategy to a more active participation the global market. (20 marks) Presentation (10 marks) (VALUE: 50%) Marking Scheme The content of the document produced by each student is required to cover specific areas and to be within specific maximum word lengths (marks allocation and lengths in brackets) as follows:- TASK 1 • External analysis (PESTEL, 5 forces, CAGE, Yip's, Diamond,) (20 marks) TASK2 • analysis of strategic capabilities of firm • Distinction between strategic capabilities and impact on business/corporate restructuring • International strategy issues • Internationalisation and performance • Value creation and corporate parenting where applicable (20 marks) TASK 3 • Discussion and application of theories and models, processes, relationships and structure demonstrating value creation. (30 marks) TASK 4 • Scope of change • Design of strategic change programmes • Strategic `levers • Pitfalls and problems of change (20 marks)

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