Attached below is the article I have to critique. it has to follow the instructions.

 Answer the following questions that pertain to essential literature review elements:  

 1) What is the title of the article? Provide the citation for the article in APA format. 

2) Explain how you determined the credibility of the research provided. 

3)  What is the purpose of the article? 

4)  What is the hypothesis of the study? In other words, what claims do the authors make in the article? 

5) What variables (factors) are being looked? How are these factors assessed or measured in the article? 

6)bWhat type of research design is used in the study? What instruments or measures did the researchers use to collect data? 

7) Do you think the research in this article was conducted in an ethical manner? Why or why not?  

 Each question must be answered in at least 2-3 sentences, although you can write more if needed. Be sure to cite directly from the sample article in order to support your answers.

below is a guide for the grading rubric  

– Article: Title (APA) – Provides the article title and the citation in perfect APA format –

– Determination of Credibility –  Explains how the credibility of the research presented in the article was determined –

 – Article: Purpose – Describes the purpose of the article in adequate detail –

– Hypothesis/claims  – Description clearly identifies the claim(s) the authors make in the article –

– Variables – Description identifies the variables (factors) that are being looked at –

 -Research Design –  Clearly and accurately identifies and describes the research design that is used in the article –

– Ethics –  Explains whether or not the research in the article was conducted in an ethical manner  –

 – Writing Mechanics – Submission is free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization and is presented in a professional and easy-to-read format –

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