APPLIED ETHICS MINI CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW There are four Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Assignments. In each Applied Ethics Mini Case Study, write your thoughts and reflections

APPLIED ETHICS MINI CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThere are four Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Assignments. In each Applied Ethics Mini Case Study, write your thoughts and reflections in the form of a mini case study on the prompt for the given week. Use the textbook readings, article reading(s), Bible readings, and the video presentations for the respective Week/Module as well as your personal observations and experience for support.INSTRUCTIONSWrite your mini case studies in APA format with a title page and a reference list page. Include APA citations in the text and a reference list at the end as appropriate. Each paper should cite at least three references from the textbook readings, article(s), and/or video presentations. Other references may be researched and utilized also, and they would be in addition to the minimum of three references from the assigned readings. Review the Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Grading Rubric. Your submission should be at least 500 words. Submit your Mini Case Study as a Microsoft Word Document to the link provided.

Theme: Christian Aviation Professional EthicsFor this mini case study, refer to the textbook readings and the article: · Willard, D. (2007). Where is Moral Knowledge? · Rundle, S. (2004). Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalizing World: What s a Christian Executive To Do? Business and Professional Ethics Journal.· Genesis 39 a moral dilemmaCase situation: practicing leadership in the aviation industryUsing the Situation Ethics System and/or the Natural Law Ethics System provide your thoughts on how a Christian aviation professional should work and live within their aviation industry. Discuss how a Christian could influence the organization s ethics culture. Derive practical lessons from your case study analysis. If natural law theory is correct, we do not have to argue the case for Christian ethics from foundations that are foreign to non-Christians. A person may not already believe in God or Scripture or submit to the teachings of the church. They just have to be able to observe and reflect. Moreover, careful observation can be a powerful foundation for morality. The ethical principles Aquinas asserts are just plain old common sense. Everybody benefits from a world where people are truthful, refrain from causing physical injury, return goods held in trust, and submit to some form of social order. General revelation explains why this is so. BBSE, p.189

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