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What types of content do you think fans of esport are most interested in seeing on social media? Be as specific as possible, citing at least one source.

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  • Katie J Schreck

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    In my opinion, eSports fans love the unpredictability nature of the game. This, paired with the live event experience (aka having people around you to high-five, etc.) creates the perfect content Esports fans want to see on social media. The interactive feature social media provides, especially the ability to live-stream tournaments (and other things, I am sure, but nothing I can think of off the top of my head). eSports may be one of the few sports that benefitted from the pandemic as it pushed consumers to engage with sports more online. This consumer engagement is content they want to see because it creates the unity in an online community that they so craved to have in person. After a year of everyone operating remotely, eSport is projected to become much more normalized than before – in fact, researchers predict the industry will grow by more than $5 million U.S. dollars by 2024 (Gough, 2021). When the world goes back to normal (which, who knows when that will be), social media will continue to be an important outlet for consumers both at events and at home. According to the Journal of Leisure Research, social media can not only connect viewers in a mediated manner, but also “provides an important means of augmenting the event experience for some consumers,” (Wood, et al., 2019) By mimicking the event experience and creating an interaction between consumers and the organization or consumers with each other, eSport organizations create the atmosphere that fans crave. That sense of hype and excitement is what they thrive off of. References:Gough, C. (2021, March 18). eSports market revenue worldwide from 2019 to 2024. Statista. Retrieved
    March 24, 2021, from, L., Hoeber, O., Hoeber, L., & Snelgrove, R. (n.d.). Computer science meets digital leisure:
    Multiple perspectives on social media and eSport collaborations. Journal of Leisure Research,
    425-437. (Links to an external site.)

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  • Collapse SubdiscussionJacob J Dougherty

    Jacob J Dougherty

    In my opinion, fans of esport would be most interested in seeing live streams of events and even highlights of events that concluded. They want to be able to have somewhere to watch their favorite streamer in action and also be able to watch the highlights if they missed it. I would also say that fans of esport are looking for information of upcoming esport competitions on social media and where they can stream it from. Essentially, esport fans are looking for the same kind of content on social media as regular sports fans because they also look on their favorite team’s social media page to see the highlights of their last game, as well as, information on trades and signings they have done in addition to information on their next game. Social media is by far the lifeblood of esports. 100% of the esport fans are on some form of social media as that is where the tournaments are streamed from. Esports really started to take off when fans realized they could watch their favorite gamers live and chat during it. (Mason et al, 2017) This was the beginning of what fans of esport expected to see on social media and it has grown tremendously since then. Now, social media platforms such as Twitter provide the esport fans with the latest news and updates for esports and their competitions, as well as live streams of events. Fans can go right on their Twitter feed and watch a live stream from anywhere. Twitter has also solved the cutural barriers of the events with their translation tool so that everyone from all around the world can chat with one another during the event. (Mason et al, 2017) Taking all that information in, the main content that esport fans are looking for on social media is the event updates and the ability to live stream the events and chat with the gamers during it, which aligns with exactly what I thought they would be looking for and I’m sure that social media will continue to find new content to provide for esports fan’s enjoyment.

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