American Express (AMEX) Implementation timelines provide a “road map” for the strategy….it shows…

American Express (AMEX)

Implementation timelines provide a “road map” for the strategy….it shows “what” is going on, also “how“ the strategy should be implemented, what “resources” must be committed to the strategy, also at “what costs,” and “when” each phase of strategy implementation should take place. This road map demonstrates to anyone reading your timeline the sequencing of activities necessary for successful implementation; quarter by quarter, fiscal year to fiscal year. Again, your group needs to write an introductory paragraph telling the reader what they will see in the implementation timeline.

Think about the strategy that your group has chosen to implement….this strategy statement becomes the “goal” that your group wants to achieve. Then think about the “major or most critical steps or policies” that must be accomplished to meet that goal. Next identify what are the “programs” or major sub-steps needed to accomplish each policy. Now identify what are the “activities/tactics” or “daily, weekly, monthly tasks or procedures” that must be accomplished for each “critical step.” You will also need to specify the amount of “time” you will allocate to each of these activities or tactics.


Your strategy or “goal” is to build a new plant or store location within the next two years. After you have set this goal, what are the major or most critical issues that you need to deal with?LocationDesignConstructionOccupancy

In determining “Location” what are the sub-issues (programs) that you need to consider?Community or regionZoning restrictionsAvailability of landCost of landAvailability of utilities, etc.

For each “program”, what “procedures” need to be accomplished? In determining the appropriate Community or region to locate in, some of the issues might be:Research the climateDetermining the local, state, or regional transportation system (air, water, or ground)Workforce availability and level of training/skillsConstruction costs on a per foot basis or existing facility availabilityTax base and/or relocation incentives, etc.

Your group must also think about how much time can be allotted to each policy, program, and procedure….think in terms of “FY and Qtrs”, and the resources needed to accomplish each of these steps. You also need to project just how much you believe it will “cost” to accomplish each phase of strategy implementation.

Your group will need to “build” a chart that outlines your strategy:GoalPoliciesProgramsProceduresTimeframes by FY and QtrsBudgets expenditures for each phase

SPECIAL NOTE: For your week six drop box assignment of the implementation timeline…all I need to see right now is your year one of implementation.

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