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Statement Attesting to Original Work: "This paper, examination, report, or the section thereof for which I have indicated responsibility, is my own work. Any assistance I received in its preparation is acknowledged within the report or examination, in accordance with academic practice. For any data, ideas, words, diagrams, pictures, or other information from any source, quoted or not, I have cited the sources fully and completely in the text, in endnotes, or in footnotes and bibliographical entries, as required. Furthermore, I certify that the material was prepared by me specifically for this class and has not been submitted, in whole or significant part, to any other class in this university or elsewhere, or used for any purpose other than satisfying the requirements of this class, except that I am allowed to submit this material to a professional publication, peer reviewed journal, or professional conference. In adding my name following the word 'Signature', I intend that this certification will have the same authority and authenticity as a document executed with my hand-written signature." Signature INSERT NAME Date INSERT DATE Essay Questions: 1. The use of information technology in emergency management is relatively new. Describe one example from recent years, preferably from within your own world (as much as possible), where technology positively played an instrumental role in disaster management? What would have happened if that particular technology had not been available? [INSERT ANSWER] Reference List [INSERT REFERENCE LIST FOR THIS QUESTION] 2. You are the Emergency Manager of Disney World in Florida. At 1 P.M. on Saturday, June 1st 2017. You are in the Operations Center when a message comes in from local Law Enforcement. The message states that a credible threat to the park has been received and it needs to be completely evacuated immediately. At the moment that the order to evacuate is about to be sent out to all staff via the 4G cell network, it goes down. After a few minutes it is determined that the cell network, and land-line Internet is not functioning whatsoever and wont be back anytime soon. Fearing a massive loss of life, you decide to go ahead with the evacuation and pull out your backup plan. A) Problem Analysis: Conduct research into Disney World to get an understanding of the scope of the problem ( i.e size of the facility, the # of staff and # of guests that would typically be there at that time, geographical and business concerns etc….) Use this to describe and analyze the problem at hand. Your analysis will include a) restatement of the problem b) the scope of the problem c) what are the specific challenges due to geography, communications, business concerns and perception. B) Write a simple (bulleted) action plan (aka The backup plan) to conduct the evacuation. I am most concerned about the communications part of this. I want to know the overall steps. How does the message get sent out? To whom? What equipment is used? Provide an estimate on how long it would take you to fully evacuate the facility. Also discuss potential pitfalls. C) What is required for your plan above to work in terms of training, exercises, equipment testing etc.… I want to know how you would Prepare the staff for this scenario. [INSERT ANSWER] Reference List [INSERT REFERENCE LIST FOR THIS QUESTION] 3. You are the new Emergency Manager of Typical County USA. You have separate Fire, EMS, Police, Health, Housing and Public Works agencies that need to work together when responding to a disaster. The problem is that there has never been a disaster in your county before so nobody has prepared for one. On day one of your job, you decide that this has to change. Pick the top three things you would do that could be accomplished in the first 3 months. Don’t worry about $ here. You have an unlimited budget. “Actions” can include: policy, announcements, meetings, formation of committees, development of plans, trainings, exercises etc.. Again, be creative but realistic. a) Clearly state what those 3 actions would be b) Explain why each of those has been chose to be in the top 3 c) For each action, clearly state what the goal or end state would be of each selection. d) Briefly describe what each action would entail. [INSERT ANSWER] Reference List [INSERT REFERENCE LIST FOR THIS QUESTION]

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