3.1-Analyse the appropriateness of alternative strategies relating to market entry, substantive…

3.1-Analyse the appropriateness of alternative strategies relating to market entry, substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment for an organisation. Plan at least two alternative strategies, based on the strategic options available with Ansoff’s matrix, which are in line with Starbucks mission and objectives. You then need to apply techniques of strategy evaluation and selection to select an appropriate future strategy for the chosen organisation. Justify your choice. There are 3 different methods used to select an appropriate strategy. You can either test for suitability, feasibility and acceptability (recommend using this one) or use the ranking and scoring method. To secure a pass you need to appropriately apply at least one of them.

3.2 – Justify the selection of a strategy by stating which of your strategic growth options is the best for the business and will give the greatest return.

4.1 – Assess the roles and responsibilities of personnel who are charged with strategy implementation. To complete the implementation process you are required to document the roles & responsibilities of any 2 managers involved in the strategy implementation. You should include responsibility charts and activity schedules for each manager.

4.2 – Analyse the estimated resource requirements for implementing a new strategy for the organisation and how they will be allocated.

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