126) You are consulting for a beverage distributor who is interested in determining the benefits it.

You are consulting for a beverage distributor who is interested in determining
the benefits it could achieve from implementing new information systems. What
will you advise as the first step?
Identify the business ecosystem the distributor is in.
Implement a strategic transition to the new system.
Perform a strategic systems analysis.
Benchmark existing systems.

An ________ is a stable, formal social structure that takes resources from the
environment and processes them to produce outputs.

In the ________ definition of organizations, capital and labour are transformed
by the firm through the production process into products and services.

All organizations, including business firms, become very efficient over time
because individuals in the firm develop ________ for producing goods and

According to ________, the firm is viewed as a “nexus of contracts”
among self-interested individuals rather than as a unified, profit-maximizing

________ is another term for these loosely coupled but interdependent networks
of suppliers, distributors, outsourcing firms, transportation service firms,
and technology manufacturers.

________ is a competitive strategy for creating brand loyalty by developing new
and unique products and services that are not easily duplicated by competitors.

________ is the ability to offer individually tailored products and services
using the same production resources as mass production.

________ are the expenses incurred by a customer or company in lost time and
resources when changing from one supplier or system to a competing supplier or

The ________ highlights the primary or support activities that add a margin of
value to a firm’s products or services where information systems can best be
applied to achieve a competitive advantage.

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