(1) Collective Society is the basic idea of stability through sacrifices of an individual for the community as a whole. It is a great opportunity for the community to grow as each person puts forth th


Collective Society is the basic idea of stability through sacrifices of an individual for the community as a whole. It is a great opportunity for the community to grow as each person puts forth their own, creating benefits for everybody including the one that sacrificed creating a strong bond between the members of this group. I personally feel that this can be a strong successful way to live considering that everybody does their part for the greater good and success of the community to flourish. On the downside, each person becomes a part of a whole and in this I feel proper function  may not ever reach your full individual potential. If you stand out and began to strike your own interest and that is not of the group this simply puts you back in line and stops you from growing apart from everyone else. A drone if you will. We all became a single part of a well oiled machine thriving but never standing apart and getting your own out of life. I feel its simple at this point, Are you living? or Are you just existing? Leading to Individualistic Societies, the quite opposite of Collective. As individuals we have the opportunity to cease our creative expressions and thrive in progress of our full potential. This I feel is a great way to showcase the rising potential of an individual and inspire a greater community accelerating economic and overall social progress. However as great as this sounds it does not come without its faults, Unlike Collective wich has created a selfless community and all inclusive individualistic can be somewhat darker. Individualistic communities tend to have lower self esteem and poorer mental health creating a society that simply does not know how to ask for help and utilize resources. Although it creates the idea of freedom and self relied choices it can contribute to a community with individuals harnessing greed and selfishness. Sound familiar ?


From the reading, I was able to learn some more about the differences between collective and individualistic societies. There are many positives and a few possible negatives to the different types of societies. For an individualistic society, like the one we live in, the positives are that individuality is encouraged, and being different is seen as okay in certain situations. Another positive would be that independence is supported and promoted within this society, meaning that it’s encouraged to be independent and not rely so much on others. There are a few negatives that come from the individualistic society type. One of the negatives is that since independence is promoted so heavily it can be hard for individuals to ask for help or even mention to someone they are struggling with something. It’s not always easy to go to the group within this type of society and ask for help. The second type of society is the collective society. The positives of this are that there is a strong group that is there to support you whenever you need it and there is an interdependence belonging to a certain group. One negative of this type of society is that there is a need to belong to the group, which I find as being negative to this type of society. I believe it’s good to be unique but also not have to belong and conform to a group completely.


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